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So I've noticed quite a few of you are pissed because the feature didn't run last night and are saying Kathy cancelled the show and robbed you. Get your facts straight. She DID NOT PULL THE PLUG, The Outlaws did! Besides that there is a 12am curfew and with the amount of rain heading towards the track, there was no way they could have gotten the track ready in time, plain and simple. When I left, the rain was a steady drizzle and increased within minutes. If you decide to boycott WG because you feel robbed and WG screwed your driver out of $20,000.00, that's your business. The race has been rescheduled for September and I can guarantee each and everyone of you complaining now will be posting your picks for who will win the make up feature, along with your favorite for the other 3 features. Maybe a good suggestion for you all is to apply at WG as one of the track preparations crewmen so you can see just how things are ran from the other side of the catch fence. Then again I highly doubt that will happen because reality isn't why you go through gates every Friday night. You go to load up on more reasons to bash a place that a lot of us have loved since we were infants! It's time for some of you to grow the hell up and stop crying like newborns!
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Slow-mo Freddie featuring Matthew Miller from the Beer Hill Gang!

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Celebration time COME ON!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Doin' the wing dance, feeling the flow, working it, working it 👌🏻🍻🏁 ... See MoreSee Less

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Party of the Year

If you were unable to make it to the Beer Hill Gang Winter Gathering check out the video to see some of what you missed. Many thanks to Wide Open Racing Media for making and uploading this awesome video!

“The Edge” Grabs 51st Lincoln Victory

Brian "The Edge" Montieth cruises to his 51st Lincoln Speedway win

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Car Show Kicks Off Westhafers Season

After what seems to be a long off season

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Track Champ Returns for Ice Breaker

The five time track champion and his team came out

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2016 National Open Rookie Award

This year for the 2016 National Open Rookie Award we are having special t-shirts made to raise money

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