About Us

Here in Central PA when you think of sprint car racing, one of the first tracks that may come to mind is Williams Grove Speedway. What else may come to mind when you think of Williams Grove? The famous chicken fingers and French frys? The iconic blue bridge that crosses over the back stretch? The amount of technique it takes to wheel around the half mile long paper clip? Or MAYBE the rowdy group of fans in Turn 3 known as the Beer Hill Gang?

“The Beer Hill Gang?” you ask. Yes! The Beer Hill Gang. A passionate group of sprint car fans that was established in 2002 by Mike Root and later taken over by the current “Commish” Dave Stewart (aka Stew) who oversees the daily functions of the gangs operations, merchandise orders, & events. “Stew” amazingly enough has NOT missed a race at Williams Grove Speedway since 1991 (we challenge for 1992). Stew is also head of merchandise sales at Williams Grove and can be found in the parking lot sipping Jim Bean while preparing for the “parking lot raffle”. Within the last two years Stew has picked up quite the side kick which we all may know him as “Big Matt Miller” or “The Beerhill Hugger”.   This group goes from has participated in the “Adopt a Highway Program” and organizes trash cleanup yearly along Lisburn Road, to sponsoring one of the most reputable drivers here in Central PA Brian Monteith. Beer Hill Gang has also sponsored various hard charger awards and laps at the Tuscarora 50. The group is also a strong supporter of the Jeff Gordon’s Kick it Foundation that helps aid children’s cancer research.

With the addition of Matt and his enthusiastic ways he got the attention of the younger generation of sprint car fans which left the 2015 race season nothing short of disappointing for the Beer Hill Gang. New to 2015 were merchandise sales at Lincoln, Susquehanna Speedway, and occasionally Port Royal and Path Valley. Matt decided that merchandise sales weren’t enough. He wanted to help other teams raise money so he started to organize fundraiser meet and greets for drivers to get a few extra dollars in their pockets. Not only has these fundraisers helped the drivers it also gave the fans a chance to meet and support local race teams in the area. The 2015 season also brought something special to the national open 2 members of the gang Travis Emig and Earl Hoon decided that the Beer Hill Gang was going to have a Rookie of the Year Award given at the 2015 National Open in October. The award ended up being $1500.00 and the qualifications were simple. Whoever finished the best out of all the rookies, was the winner of the jackpot. Rookies were deemed as NEVER racing in a national open. This gave some newer younger teams some incentive to come out and compete with the best drivers in the country.

The direction and intentions that the Beer Hill Gang has leaves no doubt that we have the greatest fans in the world supporting the sport we all love.